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Saturday, April 1st, 2006
6:41 pm
some changes...
I'm glad to see people are joining and starting to post. I thought maybe the transition from a large and habitually visited community like who_got_in might be slow, but I'm hoping the coversation will take off eventually... Also, it has come to my attention that the posts have been, up to this point, visible to the public. I'm not sure if this is hindering dialog or not, but I had originally intended to make all entries visble to community members only. So, from this post forward, all entries will available only to community members. If you're authoring a post and want to keep it public, you can edit this setting in your posting process. Also, if you've already created a post and would like it to be available only to community members only you can restrict access to that post to friends only by editting your original post.

I'm sure most people have made or are making decisions right now, but even after we pass the April 15th deadline, I'm sure there will be plenty to talk about ... housing, funding, fellowships, application aftermath, conferences, course decisions, campus visits... the weather here or there.

Hope you are all doing well.
3:22 pm
Prestige vs. Area of research
I guess I have heard conflicting advice about this-- if your area of interest is strong at a school that is not as prestigious as, say, an Ivy, is it generally advisable to choose the school that best matches your interests? Will it pay off years down the road? What are the advantages/disadvantages? Please feel free to state the obvious!
Tuesday, March 28th, 2006
9:44 am
Turning down the better name for the better fit
This is a combination question/introduction. I've been shy about posting here because I'm one of the types who didn't bother applying to ivies at all (I have a large black hole in my transcript from a period in life when I stubbornly attempted to force myself into an engineering mold), but then I told myself that was idiotic.

So, my dilemma. I've been accepted to three programs with funding, and have narrowed the choice down to two: U Washington and U Delaware. Washington is the bigger name -- it's top-30 at least. And it's in Seattle, where two of my closest high school friends now live. I would love to live out there some day, and have been saying that for years, but always with the caveat that it would be on my own terms. And honestly, that acceptance letter in my hands felt like fate.

Then came the acceptance to Delaware's department, which I had never heard of until I was searching out schools that ranked decently in American Colonial. I basically applied there on the spur of the moment. But the more I look into Delaware, the more I am inclined to accept. My visit to the campus was fantastic -- I was set up to meet with two professors specializing in my field, and although I was a bit nervous and not very well prepared, had very positive meetings with both. One emailed me afterwards to tell me how excited he was about my research interests, and that as a grad student at Delaware I'd be eligible to take courses in Americana jointly run by Delaware and Winterthur. The other told me to submit my senior thesis for publication (I used a chapter for my writing sample). Their graduate director is young and enthusiastic. The department just made two major hires in my area. Plus, there is a real sense of congeniality between the grad students and between the students and faculty. And of course, I'd be within easy distance of collections in Philadelphia and New York. And everyone I talk to at my current uni only has positive things to say about Delaware's reputation. It's not a trendy flashy department, but it's respectable.

Actually, the more I write about this, the more I am convinced Delaware is the right choice for me. I guess I'm just hoping for some positive reinforcement.
Sunday, March 26th, 2006
5:50 pm
Intro & Question
Greetings all:

I'm another lurker from the MFA threads on Who_Got_In and Speakeasy. Fiction writer. Still deciding where to go in the fall. Still waiting to hear from UVA and Wilmington. Basically, same boat as everyone else, I suppose (but waving the Jolly Roger from mine).

My question to the viewing public: A good friend of mine is hoping to apply to MA programs in Dramatic Literature this fall, but hasn't had much luck in researching schools (I think she's found one, maybe, offering this degree). I tried looking for a Speakeasy-type message board for her, as that would be the obvious answer were she going the MFA route, but if there is such a thing, I couldn't find it.

Anyway. If anyone knows of any programs or has the inside scoop about a specific school, etc., please let me know!

- eunierophrenic
11:59 am
Hey everyone--

I'm actually not a grad school admit this year. Rather, I'm at second year student at a top ten program who has been lurking on the who_got_in community for a bit (mostly to avoiding grading papers). I'm here to offer any advice or assistance I can in the graduate school selection process. However, if any members of the community feel uncomfortable with having someone already affiliated with a department on here, I will be happy to resign my membership in the community.

Friday, March 24th, 2006
10:29 pm
New community...

Please post here if you want to be added to the community or if you are having trouble with posting/viewing access. Once you have been added to the community, and to get the ball rolling, it would be great if you would create a short introductory post.
5:13 pm
Welcome All.

Most of us might recognize each other from the english threads, but introductions seem like a logical place to begin.

I'll be entering the PhD program at Cornell in the Fall. My interests are pretty varied and I often wish that they were narrower b/c I'm a little overwhelmed by them sometimes. So for lack of a better way to decribe them, I'll say poetry, performance, and lit crit/theory. I started this community, not b/c I needed help making my own admission/funding decisions, but because it seems like many people wanted/want to talk about their offers but either don't trust anonymous posters or feel badly discussing their offers in a community where many are dealing with rejections from these very same schools.

I feel like a bunch of the Ivy acceptees disappeared from the who_got_in thread b/c there was a good amount of hostility and resentment. I'd like to see a good, honest, and helpful exchange of information and opinions, here. I'd like people to be able to talk about their campus visits and impressions of faculty, funding packages, and so on...

It seems like the philosophy folks have done the same thing and I've been really impressed by the sense of collegiality they demonstrate.

So please, post away.
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